Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More concerned to be Jesuit than Catholic

"According to a recent survey administered by the Jesuit colleges association, about half of the students at Jesuit universities nationwide identify as Catholic. St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia boasts the highest number, with three-fourths of its student body identifying as Catholic. About two-thirds of Rockhurst undergraduates identify as Catholic. Regis, where a little over a third of the students are Catholic, has one of the lowest figures. Though some administrators say this is a sign of the times, others point to this as an indicator of an overall decline in the institutions’ Catholic identity.

Some Jesuit schools have received harsh criticism for hosting pro-choice commencement speakers.
"If we call ourselves a Catholic university, how can we be satisfied with that number?" said Regis Board of Trustees Vice-Chair William Newland. "This is consistent with the direction Regis is moving. 

We’re more concerned with the Jesuit way than with Catholicism.""

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Cathcon- he will clearly be happy to now have a Jesuit Pope.....   Echoes here of the Anglicans who are more concerned with the English way than Catholicism.

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