Thursday, December 18, 2014

Millstone disappears from Cardinal's neck

Hardly had it been attached, it has already gone. The "artistic redesign" of the Groër monument in the Upper Austrian village of Hohenzell was removed from strangers. The "Platform for Victims of Ecclesiastical Violence" had decorated a few days ago a plaque which had been attached in memory of the former Cardinal Hans Hermann Groër at the local church with a millstone tied around his neck. This millstone (including Groër image) has disappeared.

"My addition to the monument was removed under cover of darkness," despairs Sepp Rothwangl of the Platform. With the action he wanted to point to the past of the cardinal - who was accused of multiple child abuse. Originally, the plaque on the Innviertler Church was a memorial to Groër's prayers for unborn children.

Rothwangl does not give up and now starts a millstone collection campaign: "We want to correct the monument again, but this time in a more significant way: Everyone who is as outraged at what has gone on as we are, might contribute to a millstone which we we will be happy to deliver to Hohenzell. 

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