Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Attempts to ban the Crib in France resisted

Our society
According to a survey, 71% of respondents believe that the Christmas crib "is more an element of cultural tradition that a Christian symbol."

Nativity scenes in government and public buildings, or put a stop to them? The French are predominantly "mostly favourable" (71%), "as this is more an element of cultural tradition that a Christian symbol" according to an Ifop poll for Dimanche Ouest France. Conversely, 18% of those polled are "somewhat opposed because it is a religious symbol incompatible with the principles of neutrality and secularism in public service." 

The survey comes amid a controversy which has grown up in France after the Nantes Administrative Court ordered the General Council of the Vendée, bastion of Catholic tradition, to remove the nativity installed in the lobby of its premises. The General Council has appealed. In Béziers, the prefect also asked the mayor supported by the Front National, Robert Ménard to remove the crib he placed in the town hall.

"An element of cultural tradition"

Catholics are 81%, whether practicing or non-practicing, for the presence of cribs in public places. The people claiming no religion are 60% favourable. "With the gap of 21 points between the two groups, these figures show that cribs are now first and foremost seen as an element of cultural tradition",  according to Ifop. 
Menard has installed a crib in his town hall
To conserve our traditions
And to loosen up the ayatollahs of laicity.

"As expected and consistent with the anti-clerical tradition and the fibre of laicity of the Communist Party and the tendency of Mélenchon, in the ranks of the Left Front support is the lowest (46%) and the opposition in a majority (49%), the opinion poll institute notes. PS sympathizers are in favour with 64% supporting the presence of cribs in public buildings, while 31% are opposed, sticking to a strict application of the principle of secularism. On the right, 84% of supporters of the Front National and 87% of the Union for a Popular Movement are in favor.

(*) Survey conducted by self-administered online survey among a sample of 1,008 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over by the quota method 


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