Saturday, June 01, 2013

Only a matter of time before the head of the CDF becomes a Cardinal


The appointment of the former Bishop of Regensburg, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller as Cardinal is probably only a matter of time.

According to a report of a Cham newspaper, the private secretary to the archbishop, Monsignor Slawomir Sledziewski said this during the celebration of Pentecost in Kötzting . The Monsignor attended the celebration with his boss and said the latter would be one of the candidates in the next consistory. This is the body of the Curia which Pope Francis convenes in order to "create" new Cardinals. Even today, the email address which Müller and his secretary use to answer e-mails says "Cardinale Prefetto". Müller is as Prefect of the Congregation which is probably the most important "Dicastery" (equivalent a Ministry in a government) within the Curia.


The future Cardinal in horseback procession

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