Friday, April 05, 2013

Two Brazilian humorous hit songs about Pope and Argentina

A Brazilian group has filmed a video clip as a humourous take on the election of the Argentian Pope Francis and they do not lose the opportunity make ironic comments about our (Argentinian) lack of humility, the sovereignty claim over the Falkland Islands (see Pope backs Argentinian sovereignty over Falklands Islands) and the old addiction of Diego Maradona to drugs. "Messi is divine, the Pope is Argentinian and Maradona is no longer a 'snifa' (inhaler of cocaine) as usual ...

Congratulations to the Pope that you send to the Church" , sings the humorous duo of Rogerio Cordoni, vocalist of the band "Doctor Smith" and Diogo Portugal . Throughout the clip the musicians and comedians appear disguised as Cardinals, tango dancing and parodying Maradona with a bulging belly, an extravagant wig and a football shirt of the blue and white of the Argentinian football team. "Papal Nation" is the title and the refrain of the song that does not lose the opportunity to address the known self-esteem of Argentines, saying that with the arrival of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio the throne of Peter is the"first time in history an Argentinian agrees to serve under God. "

Choosing Francisco has resulted in comments in mischief laden Brazilian media, as an article published in the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo showed two weeks ago in which the author wonders far will ego of the "brothers" who, in addition to the Pope , have the world's best player, Messi, while it is just one year before the the 2014 World Cup Final which will be played at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro . The clip concludes by recalling that Gardel " is in heaven " and that while "the Pope is Argentine, God is Brazilian" , repeating the phrase uttered by President Dilma Rousseff to reporters after meeting with Francis the Vatican on Wednesday March 20. A few weeks agop in the comedy program "uncoded" presented the "Papal Cumbia" (Cumbia-meaning) asserting "Pancho the First is larger than Pele" . (Pancho is an term of endearment for Francis)

 Papal Nation

Papal Cumbia

Cathcon- according to other reports, the Pope's sister is amused by the two videos.


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