Monday, February 25, 2013

Should the four accusers of the Cardinal be excommunicated for interfering in the Conclave?


The canon lawyer stressed the legal necessity of precise rules in order to "avoid uncertainty and also dangers that have occurred in 2000 years of history". The Cardinals, Archbishop Arrieta said are in obedience obliged to accept the invitation to the General Congregation, and then to take part in the conclave. Who should keep trying, to preventthem attending, to hinder a regular proceeding of the conclave according to the electoral rules, to intervene in the election, or to attempting to influence the election, runs according to canon law, the excommunication latae sententiae. The excommunication must be ascertained in each case specifically. The person responsible will automatically be judged by his action. The severe exclusion from the ecclesial community therefore also applies to anyone who tries to stop any of the 117 voting cardinals from participating in the conclave.

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