Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Catholic site they tried to ban is back!


New website will succeed ""
New page will have their servers in Germany and an editorial imprint from a real person in Austria

The controversial Internet portal "" may have a successor. This was announced by the coordinator of the initiative, "Stop", David Berger on Saturday in Berlin (Cathcon- Herr Berger is a former traditionalist who came out as a homosexual and has conducted a campaign against who have responded in kind.). The new page "" was published according to initial media reports on Saturday, however, can not be achieved in part. According to Berger, they promote similar content as the previous portal "" which disappeared from the internet early December after strong criticism.

The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had classified this site as unconstitutional. The page published repeatedly sharp polemic against homosexuals, Protestants, the parties represented in parliament, German media and Catholic theologians and bishops as well as making many anti-Semitic statements. The German Bishops' Conference had repeatedly distanced himself from the sharp trading as' Catholic 'portal.

The new site has information on its server Berger in Germany and an imprint with a real person from Austria. As owner, editor and editor, a "Mag G. Schneeweiss-Arnoldstein" (Cathcon-an old aristocratic family) in Vienna is specified.

According to Berger, he is a member of a student fraternity, who in the past, has been responsible for among others the radical site, and which became known for "homophobic and anti-Semitic utterances" was. The theologian Berger is the campaign coordinator of, who also established the Bruno Gmunder Verlag and the magazine "Männer" (Berlin).

Cathcon comment- Berger has published numerous excellent books on Thomism- quite a long way from his present ventures in gay publishing. What a waste of time and talent!


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