Friday, January 11, 2013

Hanoi Carmelite monastery under government bulldozers


 "The city administration had long threatened threatened the demolition of the historic building, to seize the land and "build a hospital." Church leaders claim legitimate ownership of the area and are appealing to the Prime Minister. Catholic sources accuse "secret projects", "very different" from the official statements.

Hanoi (AsiaNews) - Authorities in the Vietnamese capital have begun demolition work on the church and centuries old Carmelite monastery in Hanoi, a historic building in the centre of a long battle between the government and Church leaders over land ownership. The local authority intends to erase all traces of the buildings - demolition work began on the 3rd of January - and build in their place a five-story hospital (see AsiaNews 26/05/2011 Archbishop of Hanoi against the demolition of Sisters of Saint Paul convent). However, Catholic sources in the Archdiocese speak of "secret projects" that would affect the area, "very different" from the construction of a hospital to serve the city"

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