Friday, August 31, 2012

Vatican newspaper- those against the Council and the new liturgy are outside the Church

The liturgical reform of Vatican II,'' as all the great movements for the renewal from the council is ' a matter of fact, an aquired criterion, part of the history of the Church, and 'Tradition at its best' .Everything that opposes it, it is simply outside the horizon that the Church is given, and cannot therefore be supported as any certain source'

This is what we can read today in L'Osservatore Romano, the newspaper of the Holy See In an article by Pierangelo Chiaramello, the of the Fossano Theological Institute, entitled'' The fully Montinian Reform'', which reconstructs the thought of Pope Paul VI on the liturgical reform. The article comes as the Vatican is still awaiting a response from the Lefebvre traditionalists, related to the Tridentine liturgy in Latin. "The liturgical renewal promoted by Vatican II” - writes Chiaramello - “has certainly found in Paul VI an authentic promoter and interpreter.”

He wanted to give the impetus to the liturgical reform, specify the criteria, to maintain the momentum, make a study of the issues, define the project, to explain to the people of God, to defend it from the unwarranted, capturing every time the key points, and of particular relevance to the life of the Church, urging the people of God, on several occasions, to embrace the fundamental principle: active participation.

For Giovanni Battista Montini, Church and liturgy were 'an indissoluble identity”, as a eminent place for living the Christian experience The liturgical renewal gave an always more authentic face to the liturgy, which gave a more authentic face to the Church.'

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