Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Did Cardinal know of new abuse allegation against Belgian Bishop?

The federal prosecutor confirmed Monday that a complaint with a civil action was brought against Roger Vangheluwe July 18, the former bishop of Bruges.

The complaint originated from a former resident of Huize Godtschalck in Loker (Heuvelland), in the Westhoek. Previously orphanage, it is now a welcome centre for children experiencing learning difficulties.

The man in question has spent much of his youth in this institution. The complaint was filed on July 18 by his lawyers, Tine Verbeke and Walter Van Steenbrugge. "The complainant has been sexually abused, physically and emotionally in the years following his eighth birthday by the former Bishop Roger Vangheluwe in the foster home Huize Godtschalck in Loker, all taking place when he spent his holidays in Oostduinkerke with other children of the institution. "

The complaint is not directed solely against Mr. Vangheluwe but also against X, that is to say people who have been guilty of negligence to a minor in distress, and against the competent authority which has avoided investigating the facts: the Catholic Church.

Cathcon- is X, Cardinal Danneels, who is widely suspected of being negligent in other cases? The big question is when did the Cardinal know about this case, and what did he do about it, when he did.  More details below by clicking on the links for the Cardinal and his friend the Bishop.
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