Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homosexual groups produce video parody of Cardinal's prayer

The video shows a young man, reading before a crucifix and - in a way extremely affected way - the prayer of the Archbishop of Paris, accompanied by subtitles sometimes very outrageous that have nothing to do with the text original, but reflect for Act-Up "the deep and sincere words of the Catholic Church ".

Questioned by AFP on the deliberately outrageous message, an official of Act-Up believes that " even if the prayer of the episcopate is polite, it remains that the allusions legitimize the completely homophobic campaign of Civitas and Lefebvrists ".

The Civitas Institute, close to the Catholic fundamentalists, and that claims 1,200 members, launched in June " a lobbying campaign "against gay marriage" that will crescendo , "according to its President Alain Escada, with the debate in the Assembly National on the adoption of a law to that effect.

In favor of opening the right of marriage and adoption to homosexual couples, Francois Hollande, the French President announced during his campaign that legislation would be adopted " no later than spring 2013 "if elected.

To explain the nature of the prayer of August 15, devoted especially to the social crisis but also to the defense of family values, the Conference of Bishops of France stated that it was hostile to gay marriage and adoption of children by homosexual couples and called for a debate on the issues within society, while condemning homophobia.

Act-Up, when asked about the risk of confusion between the Episcopate and Lefebvrists hostile to the Second Vatican Council, notes that " prayer is publshed in the context of homophobia and violent caricatures of Civitas and thereby similarly, the bishops chose to make a campaign against homosexuality."


Caution- the offensive video in question

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