Saturday, July 14, 2012

SSPX says no to Rome-updated

Announcement due tomorrow. There is no return to Rome. The superior of the Lefebvrists of Spain and Portugal, Juan Maria Montagut, will communicate to the faithful, after the mass of 11, that the hierarchy of the FSSPX, gathered in Ecône, have decided to say "no" to the Vatican. 

The followers of Lefebvre will not return to the Roman fold. Primarily, because they are not willing to accept the Second Vatican Council in all its extremes. The Vatican, through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Levada, had demanded "full acceptance of the Council". And the Lefebvrists are not willing to return with that condition. They believe that accepting the Council would accept its errors, which, according to them, they are particularly focused on the chapters of "religious freedom, ecumenism and conciliarismo". 

The decision of their hierarchy will be well accepted among the followers of the Lefebvrists, which did not see with good eyes a return to Rome conditional on the acceptance of the Council, in which they criticized much of the evils of the present church. However, they are thankful to Rome for the rapprochement and the possibility that has been provided for them to be able to present their doctrinal point of view. 

Tomorrow, the superiors of the local FSSPX will read out the statement setting out the reasons and circumstances of their refusal to return to Rome and to reintegrate into the Catholic Church. 

Spanish source

Original translation done in great haste- now revised.

Not a surprising decision given the recent unhelpful comments of the new head of the Congregation for the     Doctrine of the Faith.   But a caveat regarding the source at rorate-caeli.

If so a tragedy for the Church and the SSPX.

In other news, the Chapter voted to maintain the exclusion of Bishop Williamson.
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