SSPX calls on new head of CDF to retract his heretical positions

Press statement from SSPX Germany (2022 link was broken and document in German could no longer be found)
The Church has always regarded it as one of its most important tasks to faithfully defend the deposit of the Faith entrusted to her by Christ and the Apostles and to defend it against errors, in order to be able to pass it on intact to future generations. Rightly so, the post of Prefect of the Congregation is one of the highest offices in the Church.

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X in Germany has therefore been taken by surprise that the Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, was appointed to this office. The SSPX wonders whether a man is suitable for office who has in his writings and public speeches repeatedly offended against Catholic doctrine.

The following points are:
Bishop Müller denies in his book The Mass - source of Christian life , the real transubstantiation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Bread and wine remain according to him what they are but are the means to integrate the believers in the community of life with Father and Son. This is similar to the Calvinist doctrine that the bread and wine are not changed, but are a means of grace.[1]

Contrary to the Catholic teaching that the transubstantiation of the gifts is accomplished by the utterance of the words "This is my body ... This is the cup of my blood,"[2] Bishop Mueller says, the question of the precise point of the change has "theologically no real meaning."[3]

Bishop Mueller denies in his dogmatic teaching the doctrine of the virginity of Mary at birth,[4] and also the doctrine that Mary gave birth to her son without injury to her physical integrity.[5]

(Cathcon- I can always send the new CDF a copy of Mariologia by Father Benedictus Henricus Merkelbach OP. It has three extensive chapters on these matters. 

 The first begins
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei fuisse Virginem ante partem et in ipsa conceptione Filii sui
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin before birth and in the Conception of her Son.
The second
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei esse virginem in partu
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin at birth)
The third
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei esse virginem post partu
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin after birth)

In summary!
Triplex Virginitas Mariae scil ante partum, in partu, est post partum est de fide.
He can return it only if a a letter is attached saying that he gives assent to the teaching of the Church in all ages but our own).

In a eulogy for the Protestant Bishop Dr Johannes Friedrich, Bishop Müller said on 11October 2011: "The Christians who are not in full communion with the teaching, the means of salvation as well as the apostolic and episcopal constitution of the Catholic Church, are justified by faith and baptism and incorporated fully into God's Church as the Body of Christ. "This contradicts the whole Catholic tradition and in particular the teaching of Pope Pius XII in Mystici corporis.

Contrary to the Catholic doctrine of the necessity of conversion to the Catholic Church, as the Second Vatican Council taught explicitly,[6]  Bishop Müller said in the same speech that the so-called "ecumenism of return" to be "absurd".

The SSPX would urgently ask Bishop Mueller to make a statement on these controversial positions and to correct them. There are no personal aversions, which lead to the SSPX to take this attitude, but simply the desire for pure preaching of the doctrine of the Faith.

As Bishop Müller has in recent years also made no secret of his negative attitude towards the SSPX, the SSPX sees further no positive signal of the willingness to discuss the question of the canonical recognition. She hopes that the new prefect - may find a more positive attitude towards the SSPX - in the context of discussions within the universal Church.

Father Matthias Gaudron, SSPX dogmatic theologian

"In reality, the body and blood of Christ does not mean the physical components of the man Jesus during his lifetime or in the glorified corporeality. Body and blood of Christ's presence here means rather having the character of the medium of bread and wine. "... We have" fellowship with Jesus Christ now, mediated by the food and drink of the bread and wine. Alone in inter-personal relations can something like a letter of friendship between the people be established and at the reception, one can say the affection of the addressee can be seen and embodied. "(The Mass - source of Christian life , Augsburg, St. Ulrich Publisher: 2002, pp. 139 f )

Cf The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paras 1375, 1377

The Mass- source of Christian life, page 142

Cf The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paras 499, 510


"It's not about different physiological features in the natural process of birth (something such as the none opening of the birth canal, non-infringement of the hymen and the not occurrance of birth pains), but the healing and redeeming influence of the grace of the Saviour on human Nature, which was injured by original sin. The contents of doctrinal statements ... does derive from on physiological and empirically verifiable somatic Details "(Catholic dogma for study and in practice, Freiburg 5, 2003, p 498). In truth, the traditional teaching even still maintains such physiological peculiarities.

"Hence they could not be saved who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary by God through Christ, would refuse either to enter it, or to remain in it. " (Lumen Gentium 14).


Frank Rega said…
Sounds like the plan is to torpedo the SSPX reconciliation talks, since the Vatican realizes that a lot more than just a splinter group may not go along with a merge.
The bigger and much more serious issue is why a Pope would appoint someone with such heterodox views to head the CDF. It makes one re-consider the possibility that the Council actually created a different church, distinct from Roman Catholicism. Are we in a state of "Ecclesia Vacante," the Catholic Church is missing from Rome?
Anonymous said…
Suppose the pope threw this lib in last minute as a twofold manuever- to expose publicly an apostate/heretic in the church and 2, to keep the society from making a mistake for now until a better timely entry. The pope is surrounded by the enemy in the vatican and he can't excommunicate without a solid reason. Why not expose them through other means? Would modernist Rome really want the society into the church? They would eat the society up!

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