Monday, July 16, 2012

Official announcement from SSPX delayed

"La Iglesia oficial languidece, ha abandonado la doctrina de Cristo" :: España :: Religión Digital

"The official Church languishes, having abandoned the doctrine of Christ" The Fraternity of Saint Pius X avoids making an its new official break with Rome to meet the deadlines

"The official Church is languishing, having abandoned the doctrine of Christ, vying to be a partner of the atheistic world". Father Izaguirre, priest of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, directs the Eucharist that this Sunday has been held in the parish which holds his congregation , along the avenue of Barcelona, in Madrid.

A very frequented Mass -more than a hundred people, well-dressed men, the women with a small scarf on the head-, which complied with all the canons of orthodoxy. The celebration with their back to the people, the hymns and prayers in latin - with the exception of the readings and homily-, the consecration steeped in mysticism and the Communion on knees and in absolute silence.

Nor was there, as had been expected, an official statement announcing the "no" of the Lefevbrists to the latest proposal of Rome. At the meeting of the previous day, they said it was to be announced, but in the end, confirmed by members of the congregation, they opted to wait until the Holy See receives the response and the superior of the congregation, Bernard Fellay, speaks in public.

A homily was given, charged with intent, in which the Father Izaguirre denounced the "false prophets" that, on behalf of the official Church, promoted "a doctrine that does not belong to Christ" and that "surround us everywhere". "In our time, there is a persecution of voices from the inside of the Church". A few voices, "within the highest hierarchies, which argue for opposite doctrines to those of the perennial doctrine of the Church".

"In Conciliar crisis, which is most grave, even more so than the two World Wars - continued Father Izaguirre-, the crisis of the Church affects all estates and their own doctrine". At this point, the priest justified the work of their founder, Marcel Lefebvre, to whom "God suggested that he should create the SSPX, as the tree of the Lord, to bring forth firm fruit". The current world for the Lefebvrists is "a time of crisis, of purification", in which the Roman Church " has put herself forward as a partner of the atheistic world".

A statement of intent rejecting the "no" to the acceptance of the Second Vatican Council, was a prerequisite for the SSPX to return to Rome and end the last great schism of the Catholic Church.

Cathcon- Bishop Fellay is expected to give an interview to the SSPX press agency Dici on Wednesday.
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