Friday, July 27, 2012

German satirical magazine continues campaign against Pope, despite court order


The satirical magazine "Titanic" has rekindled an argument about the provocative title picture with Pope Benedict XVI: In the August issue of the magazine, published on Friday, a daring photo montage of the head of the Catholic Church can be seen on the cover - with color finger prints as well as with kiss marks on the cassock and red lips on his cheek. In his hands a red liquid is visible.

After the controversial photo of July, the Pope had obtained an injunction against the newspaper- the headlines now: "No reason to complain: The Pope stays clean"

The cover of the July issue showed the Pope in a similar posture, but with a large yellow stain on the cassock. On the front it said, referring to the scandal involving the betrayal of internal documents, "Hallelujah in the Vatican - The leak is found". On the back he was shown from behind with a brown stain and the comment "another leak found!".

The pope felt that the July cover violated his personal rights and has obtained a preliminary injunction. The German Bishops' Conference criticized the "Titanic" as overstepping "any degree of what is reasonable". The Hamburg Regional Court banned the further spread of the cover photo and threatened a fine for the offense. The "Titanic" has sought a counter-injunction which has yet to be decided. The German Bishops' Conference declined to comment on the new title. "No comment," spokesman Matthias Kopp told the DAPD on request.

"Titanic" does not preclude new litigation

"Titanic"-editor Leo Fischer told the news agency DAPD in view of the new edition, he does not rule out further action. "I think everything possible," he added.

"We thank the Holy Father for his interest in our magazine and ask again for the papal blessing," Fischer said in a statement given in an ironic manner. The ban had the effect of the previous edition a circulation increase of more than 70 percent in the bookshops is the issue have been sold out. "Now we hope that the Holy See interprets this new title also similar outlandish and libelous," said the "Titanic" editor in chief. It is the first time that a Pope has taken out civil proceedings against the “Titanic”.

Cathcon- the magazine should remember the history of Nazis denigrating the Church and the Pope.

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