Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Forced conversion on the Gaza Strip alleged by Orthodox

M.O.: Chiesa ortodossa, a Gaza cristiani rapiti per convertirli a Islam -

In Gaza there are movements that try to convince young Christians to convert to Islam through threats: the Orthodox Church in the Palestinian territories denouncing them yesterday, called for a sit-in protest against the disappearance of Ramiz al-Amash, that the local Christian parish believes has been kidnapped by Islamic militants in order to convert the Muslim faith. The Palestinian Minister of Health, Hamas Bassem Naim, made ​​it clear in a statement that the young man al-Amash 'converted to Islam without any pressure and has participated in the ritual with his family without the presence of armed men, either before or after the ceremony' The allegations of the Orthodox Church, Naim said harshly,'are pure inventions, unfounded rumors that have no truth'. Such accusations lack credibility - he added - and risk opening a climate of tension in Palestine which is certainly not good for the region and for the people''.
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