Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bishop Williamson plots downfall of Bishop Fellay on video



t said...

Nuthin' better than a melodramatic post title.

Lamentably Sane said...

Now it's surely time to kick this man out. How can Bishop Fellay tolerate this treachery in the heart of the SSPX?
What a dreadful man, spitting venom with his eyes closed, no doubt for that fake dramatic effect he put to such good use at Ridgefield, building up his cult among impressionable American youth (It was so easy, wasn't it, Your Excellency, with your Cambridge suaveness and your 'British accent'?). Sadly, though, you are no gentleman. It takes more than a degree from Cambridge to earn that title.
Do the honourable thing, if you still have an ounce of decency left in you: leave the Society.

Sixupman said...

Outside The Society +Williamson would be devoid of a platform and become no more than an elevated Fr. Cedaka. It is true that he can be a persuasive orator and 'Lamentably Sane's' comment in such respect is accurate. His 'banishment' to the UK has been a disaster for us, but together with the District Superior, of similar thought, there appears to has also been created a cult element.

+Williamson's 'forked-tongue' approach engineered Msgr. Lefebvre one error.

Dolorosa said...

Bishop Fellay caused great concern within the SSPX and so much so that the other 3 bishops and numerous priests spoke out about it.
Bishop Williamson is truly a hero and many catholics within the SSPX know this to be true. He knows clearly who the enemies of Christ are and he exposes them like Fr. Coughlin, Fr. Fahy, Poncins, etc. Deo Gratias for Bishop Williamson!

Lamentably Sane said...

They overreacted in a ludicrous and hysterical fashion. Bishop Williamson is an actor with a flair for the dramatic, but fundamentally lacking in judgement and prudence. This is why he is fading into total insignificance. He is also treacherous, having - with his sidekick Fr Morgan in Wimbledon - tried to foment a revolt against his legitimate superior behind his back. Not the activities of a man, let alone a gentleman!
Perhaps they should both spend more time watching tennis than working themselves up into farcical rages and scribbling nutty charts on whiteboards.
Thank God for Bishop Fellay, the true heir to Archbishop Lefebvre!

Floreat said...

Bishop Fellay caused great concern within the SSPX and so much so that the other 3 bishops and numerous priests spoke out about it.

That's just not true. Bishop Williamson and his associates decided to stir up concern, using half-truths, untruths, detraction and outright calumny against Bishop Fellay in a series of attempts to scupper discussions with Rome.

The only Bishop who "spoke out" was Bishop Williamson, and that includes drafting the letter which he demanded the other two sign, before promptly leaking the letter into the public domain in an attempt to sink Bishop Fellay.

Disgusting behaviour and anyone who finds in it something admirable is a sandwich short of a picnic.