Friday, June 01, 2012

Video of former head of Vatican Bank joking about the economic benefits of Hitler


Gotti Tedeschi e la barzelletta su Hitler – Il Fatto Quotidiano TV

The occasion was the presentation of the book in Rome by Giulio Tremonti (former Minister of Economy in Italy) called The Emergency Exit, the chosen site: the Pontifical University in Piazza San Giovanni. The Director of the Pastoral Univeritaria of the Vicariate of Rome, Monsignor Lorenzo Leuzzi, makes a point of concern about the risks of "war or anti-democratic tendencies" cited in the text of the former Minister of Economy.

At this point, President of the IOR (Vatican Bank) Enrico Gotti Tedeschi starts to tell a story about Keynes and Hitler who died about a year apart but reached St Peter, the custodian of paradise together: the economist claims to have saved capitalism to justify his entry. The Fuhrer also tries: "'I have saved the jobs, because I have sent six million to the front and I employed another six million to fabricating guns." Gotti did not report the choice of St. Peter, but explains: "Its a terrible joke, but it makes one understand the connections with the economy in wartime. Economics - he adds - should be dealt with less by priests than the people who really have the responsibility, except that politicians- he concludes - must act as politicians and bankers as bankers "
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