Saturday, June 02, 2012

Vatican police go after Italian journalist on Vatileaks

„Vatileaks“: Ermittler wollen Journalisten Nuzzi befragen - International - Chronik - Nachrichten | TT Online

The Vatican's judicial authorities investigating the scandal over stolen confidential documents of the Pope want to interview the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. He allegedly published secret documents from the Vatican in his book entitled "Sua Santita" (His Holiness). This includes letters and faxes, as well as discussion documents for the Pope.

In order to interview Nuzzi, the Vatican have turned to the Italian judicial authorities, said the Rome daily newspaper "La Repubblica" on Saturday. Nuzzi and the publishing group "Chiarelettere", editor of the controversial book, have rejected the charge of receiving stolen property in connection with the release of confidential Vatican document. "Nuzzi has fulfilled his duty as a journalist and made public, in line with the Italian and European legislation, documents of general interest to the public," said a press release from the publisher.

The case of the the Pope's valet, Paolo Gabriele, arrested nine days ago and who is said to have passed confidential documents to the media, will be heard until next week by the investigating authorities of the Vatican. The hearing will take place on next Monday or Tuesday, Italian media reported. Gabriele's lawyers want to submit an application for their client to be placed under house arrest. Currently, the 46-year-old is in a cell at the Vatican. (APA)

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