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Punch-up between altar girls and their families over who should swing the incense goes to court

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Things are not what they used to be

Altar girls fight in front of the sacristy

Vilshofen - charity is actually the great commandment in Christianity. Well yes! But in reality in Vilshofen two altar girls currently show each other anything but love.

Who is allowed to swing the censer? This vexed question has made for a storm of trouble with two altar girls who are between the ages of 19 and 20 years

Oh no, the two fight! What is it all about? The censer used in worship. This is no joke! The fact is that both want to swing the censer - and so there was a real fight. Now a court summons has been issued.

The absurd controversy in the parish community: In fact, one would have expected from the young women (the altar girls are in fact 19 and 20 years old) a little more insight. But Wrong! On a Sunday, there was a physical confrontation about which the whole region is speaking (Cathcon- and now the world).

As said, it was a matter of who would be allowed to swing the censer at the ceremony. The parochial vicar decided: the sister of a parish councillor was successful - because it was her birthday. But: that absolutely did not suite the other female servers whose mother sits on the board of the Kolping Family. Explanation: The families generally don't like each other.

The spurned responded: She took off her altar girls robe, threw it on the floor and left the sacristy angry. After the Mass, they wanted then to resolve the matter - but everything escalated.

First, there was a war of words between the Parish Councillor and female server which had been allowed to swing the incesne. Then there was shoving.  This was followed by a physical altercation in which everyone involved joined in- including the mother of the scorned altar girl. Scuffle in front of the sacristy!

The incident had consequences: In the meantime, the mother resigned the Presidency of the Kolping Family.

But that's not all: she has also filed a complaint against the hostile Parish Councillor and called for her resignation. She is not thinking of doing this - and has herself gone to a lawyer.

And what the priest says to the insane bickering? He wants to avoid in the future whenever possible the use of the censer. "It up to me whether incense is used or not," he told the Passauer Woche.

Only at funerals, will the controversial thurible continue to be used. Here it will be seen to that there will be no more fighting between the young women. One thing is certain: Incense will no longer be used at Mass in Vilshofen- and everyone in the community knows exactly why.

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