Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Muslims given Communion

from Choose 'Divine Love' :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

"Unfortunately, my request was ignored and over 15 Muslims stood and got in line to receive the Body of Christ. They were sitting a few rows in front of me and so I could not help but observe that one of the college-aged women did not consume the consecrated Host. After I received Our Lord myself I walked over to her pew and gently put out my hand and said, “I will take the Host, please.”

A bit startled, she reached into her purse and retrieved the consecrated Host and gave it to me. I consumed it immediately. Knowing the kindness of this Muslim family, I truly think that they went to Communion out of a courtesy for the family of the deceased so not to offend them. The reality is that they had no clue or understanding of the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist."
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