Monday, May 21, 2012

Radical Islamist threatens death to members of right-wing group

Islam: "taz": Bonner Islamist ruft zu Mord an "Pro NRW"-Mitgliedern auf - Nachrichten Newsticker - News2 (AFP - Newsticker) - WELT ONLINE

A native of Bonn, a radical Islamist has according to a press report called for the murder of members of the right-wing group "Pro NRW" (North Rhine Westphalia). As the "tageszeitung" reported in its Monday edition Yassin Ch made the calls on a radical Islamic Internet forum. "You must kill all the members of the Pro NRW ," it was stated in the seven-minute call. This includes collecting information about homes, jobs and daily routine journeys, so that the attacks could be " best carried out under cover of darkness or at dawn".
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