Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brothel visits are confirmation presents in Austria- police bring 162 charges

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When it comes to male initiation rites, Styrian tradition now includes some quite remarkable variants. As a result of a key action of the police under youth protection law at the beginning of the week, investigators said that it was common for Styrian children who receive in these days from the local parish priest, the sacrament of Confirmation, are rewarded for that church occasion with a most secular one: a brothel visit.

In the bishop's office of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau, no one wanted to believe the revelation of the debauched confirmation culture .Bishop Egon Kapellari finally gave guidance- the Catholic Church in Styria was "the largest provider of sexuality workshops" where under the slogan 'Terms of Endearment' youngsters are shown the responsible use of their sexual power." Visits to brothels in general, and certainly as not as a confirmation gift do not conform to " the Christian image of man, nor do they meet the needs of young people in their lives."

The actual confirmation gift could lead to large fines for the godfather, as visits to brothels are not allowed before the age of 18 years, said Inspector Franz Handler who with his colleagues in the districts of Weiz and Hartberg made 162 charges against young people, children's guardians and brothel keepers . Adults who breach the Protection of Minors legislation, says Handler, are liable to a fine of up to 2500 €.

"Female" confirmation gift normal a hundred years ago

Peter Jaron Zwi Scheer, head of the psychosomatic-psychotherapeutic department at Graz Children's Hospital reacted calmly. "History repeats itself. A hundred years ago this was normal. Great damage to the adolescents is not to be expected."

Confirmation Gifts - with the blessing of the Church - are available on the website of the Catholic Youth an incense bowl, patchwork blanket, meditation cord, and under "B" instead of "brothel" is: the Bible.
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