Bishop's baptism renewed by priestess – Der Trierer Bischof läßt sich von einer Protestunte wiedertaufen

Even today, Christians of all denominations through the gift of faith and baptism were so interwoven that they were as undivided as the Holy Robe – stated Bishop Stephan Ackermann to his audience.

On Saturday, Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier staged a so-called baptismal service.  The occasion was held at the Constantine Basilica in Trier (which is in Protestant hands). The bishop can be here having his baptism symbolically renewed by Barbara Rudolph. This was reported by the Saarbrücken Nachrichten on 7 May. Mrs. Rudolph is full-time Senior Church Elder of the 'Protestant Church in Rhineland' and responsible for ecumenism. The event was part of an ecumenical procession in Trier. The procession started at the Holy Robe and ended up at the Lutheran Church in a "baptism renewal service." (Cathcon- the second intermediate station was the Diocesan Seminary)

Already embarrassing  
In an awkward ceremony Mrs. Rudolph made ​the sign of ​a little cross on the forehead of the Bishop. The Saarbrücken Nachrichten published a picture of Mons. Ackermann, keeping his eyes closed, while the elder placed finger and thumb lightly against the bishop's nose, blessing the forehead 
(Cathcon-water was used- and each person who renewed their baptismal promises received a white "stole")

unity only for the disciples

Mons. Ackermann made the following statement in the Protestant sanctuary: Today were Christians of all denominations through the gift of faith and baptism so interwoven that they were as undivided as the Holy Robe: "In Christ we are one, and he gave his life for the unity of his disciples, "-. he claimed, although Protestants deny the central truths of faith and morals. 

A paster supporting homosexuality had his say

In the basilica Christian Schad in an address referred to the failed priest, alcoholic and polygamist Martin Luther († 1546) . Schad is president of the Protestant Church of the Palatinate .

He is responsible for the introduction of blasphemous blessings for gay people in their own church.

the pain is self-inflicted 

The German schismatic Martin Luther - probably in an alcohol rage – called the Holy Robe of Trier a rip-off- Schad preached at length. As a mandate, he claimed with respect to mixed marriages. "They practice everyday ecclesiastical communion and may no longer be the stepchild of ecumenism" It hurts, that the churches are not united at the table of the Lord . The alleged pain will remain as long as the Protestants reject the confession, the real presence of Christ in the sacrament and basic principles of Christian morality.

It has been a busy time for the Bishop - including a visit to the gay and lesbian centre