Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Two German political parties attempt to disrupt Good Friday

Kultur und Medien - online: Anti-Stille-Feiertage-Proteste zu Karfreitag: Piraten-Tanz-Demo in Frankfurt verboten, Grüne Jugend protestiert in Wiesbaden

Anti-Day of Rest Protests for Good Friday. Pirate Party Dance Party banned in Frankfurt. Green Party Youth protest in Wiesbaden

The Frankfurt authorities responsible for public order have banned the demonstration of the Pirate Party, which was to take place on Good Friday. During the protest loud music was to be played to "invite people to dance," says the Pirate Party. The spokesman for the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau called the project of the Pirate Party "disrespectful." The Young Greens, who organized in 2011 in the Frankfurt Römerplatz a demonstration and thus disrupted the Good Friday procession of the Croatian community, hace shifted their annual protest to Wiesbaden. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 4 April 2012, supported the measure of the Frankfurt authorities and commented: To disrupt the special nature of Good Friday and "by noisy events in public to make them unrecognizable, would simply be wrong."

Cathcon- of all the political parties, the Greens are always clashing with the church- probably because of large number of lapsed Catholics in their membership. The Pirate Party who are gaining rapid influence in Germany will never get my vote.

Video showing that the Green Party Youth have no shame and no respect, neither for the church nor for democracy.   See especially around 0.26 the faithful blocked in by the demo, and at 1.46 when the procession starts.

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