Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fierce conservative criticism of Cardinal Schönborn

Konservative Kritik an Schönborn |

Cardinal Schönborn's decision to allow an openly homosexual man to be a parish councillor enjoys support from reformist church circles.

On the other hand, fiercely conservative internet platforms are firmly against the decision of the Vienna archbishop.

"I believe this young man has arrived at the right place. And so I took my own personal decision. Although it is controversial, of course." With these words Schönborn summed up on the ORF Press Round why he has agreed that the successful candidate should take up his mandate. Because "it is still comes from Jesus to see first people, not the law." The young man had impressed him, said Schoenborn. He also pointed out that the church rejects homosexuality as biblically justified.

The Archbishop of Vienna received thanks in a concert from various bodies on the side of the church reformers: "This decision shows humanity, loyalty to the Bible and is supported by reason," said the platform, "We Are Church". The decision gives hope also in other matters.

Schönborn has attracted criticism from specific conservatives loyal to the Pope on Internet forums. Christian Sieberer, pastor of the Archdiocese of Vienna calls via for the homosexual parish councillor to give a clear commitment, to " the teaching of the Faith and discipline of the Church" . Accordingly, the man who lives in a registered partnership, must stress the "immoral character" of his own life, among other things. "If this is not possible, a challenge to the election in Rome is inevitable," writes Sieberer.

Cathcon- What is the Cardinal afraid of?  Is it the equal rights legislation in Austria or something else?   This decision ill fits the Thomism of the Dominican Order of which the Cardinal is a member- but there again I have an article by him where he criticises Thomists of the Strict Observance.  But this is lax observance of church law and doctrine.  
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