Saturday, March 31, 2012

Georg Ratzinger- new book in English on his brother.


All the numerous Cathcon posts on Catholic Church Conservation: Georg Ratzinger- not least among them, Pope's Brother slams Cardinal Danneels. I don't think it is a speculation too far to say that the previous Pope was informed by the then Cardinal Ratzinger, about the sewer of immorality and cover-up which was being presided over by Cardinal Danneels in Belgium, which led to the appointment of Cardinal Joos, seminary friend of Pope John Paul II, who although a humble parish priest, was also a leading canon lawyer and head of the Diocesan tribunal in Ghent. I think the intention was that he was going to take a leading role in clearing up the scandal when it broke, but by the time it broke he was already dead.

Cardinal Danneels was much beloved in Belgium before the scandal broke, and preferred by the people to Cardinal Joos as can be seen from the second link.   They do not think that now. 

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