Friday, March 30, 2012

Fined for hate speech on the internet


The operator of an internet forum has pay to pay a fine of 300 euros for hate speech against Jews on his site. The Berlin District Court convicted the 21-year-old Muslim of aiding and abetting incitement of the populace. He had admitted that there were other popular anti-Jewish slogans on his website. In an article on the Islam Forum website the killing of Jews had been called for. Another user had paid respect to the British Bishop Richard Williamson who is regarded as a Holocaust denier. The accused baker's assistant distanced himself from the content. These statements did not correspond to his religion, he told the juvenile court judge. At that time he was not aware of his responsibility for the content of his website. He had not bothered. In a separate criminal proceeding, the uncle of the defendant was charged. The 44-year-old was responsible for the Islamic Forum. The site was taken down after dawn raids in 2009.
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