Friday, December 09, 2011

Dance floor laid in the sanctuary

Reactions Nikolauskirche in Bad Ischl zerstört: Tanzparkett im Presbyterium:

The Church of St. Nicholas in Bad Ischl in the Diocese of Linz has been architecturally destroyed in a renovation . The former people's altar of marble and the choir stalls have been removed. In the new sanctuary, there is a white floor and a white wooden box serves as an altar.

The Church of St. Nicholas was mentioned for the first time in the year 1320. In 1769, the old church was demolished and rebuilt in classical style. In 1870, the church was provided with new frescoes and altars as a result of generous donations .

The laity concelebrate at the altar

The responsible minister in Bad Ischl is Christian Ohler. He is a member of the Priest's Initiative and is a parish priest known for his liturgical experimentation.

On Maundy Thursday 2011, he hosted a " Children's Last Supper "in the parish church, as it says on the website of the parish. Pieces of bread in baskets, wine and grape juice were placed on the altar. It is unclear whether the priest has consecrated at the time the gifts on the altar. Another picture on the parish website showed the pastoral assistant, Manuel Hodel in alb and pseudo stola like a concelebrant in a position of prayer at the altar next to the parish priest.

Dance Floor: The understanding of the Mass as a meal in concrete form.

With the current renovation Father Oehler, together with the parish council, has destroyed the sanctuary. The new white floor is usual at venues for dance and nativity plays. For this next to the church, the newly renovated hall in the parish centre is available.

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