Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Church destruction does not stop just because it is Christmas

Les 2 Rives Deux églises sous le pic des démolisseurs

Two churches under the wrecker's ball (no wonder if they promote bingo rather than Mass).

A local church has been demolished and another will follow shortly. The costs of maintenance and renovation of these buildings were too high while the number of believers was in free fall.

First the Church of St. Joseph, St. Joseph-de-Sorel, was demolished last Autumn. The municipality is considering building a community centre on the location.

Moreover, a few weeks before its demolition, arson broke out in the presbytry of the church. The fire had required a major intervention of firefighters in the region and Hydro-Québec had to turn off power to nearly 2000 subscribers so that engineers can operate safely. A nursing home was evacuated.

The Church of St. John of Bosco, in Tracy, will also come under the wrecker's ball in the coming months. The land has been sold to a construction company that has plans to build a new housing development.
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