Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cardinal criticises EU integration process

Bosnien: Kardinal sieht EU-Integrationsprozess kritisch

The Archbishop of Sarajevo, Cardinal Vinko Puljic has given a critical perspective from the church on the EU integration process in his traditional Christmas reception on Boxing Day. "Up until now, the process of integration has proven to be inadequate," said Puljic. The crisis comes from the fact that the fundamental moral and spiritual values ​​are missing, as these would be the basis for rapprochement between people - and not only the benefits, interests, profits and consumption added the Bosnian cardinal. Generally a recession is spoken of "but it is really a depression," said Puljic. The Cardinal on religious policy in Bosnia-Herzegovina said he had at last year's Christmas reception mentioned the problem of VAT reimbursement which the ecclesiastical institutions are not obtaining. One faced a "crippled state" which could not resolve the problems that affect the freedom and rights of churches and religious communities, solvent. This also concerns the restitution laws and de-nationalization, the law on religious holidays or laws on social security and pension insurance for employees of religious institutions.

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