Thursday, January 06, 2011

77 percent of Flemish people think Archbishop Léonard is unsuitable


77% des Flamands trouvent que Monseigneur Léonard ne convient pas - Belgique - 7s7Three-quarters of the Flemish people believe that Bishop Leonard is unsuitable as Archbishop, according to a survey conducted on behalf iVox magazine Telefacts, broadcast on the television channel VTM. Similarly, confidence in the Church is at its lowest.

Asked whether Bishop Leonard has managed well the problem of sexual abuse within the church, 84% of the Flemish feel that this is not the case. More than three-quarters (77.3%) of Flemish Catholics also found that the prelate is not suitable as archbishop and 78% of those who go to Mass on Sunday believe that Archbishop Danneels was better primate (Cathcon- incredible result- given the history)

Confidence in the Church is also at its lowest, according to the survey. Only 10% of the inhabitants of the northern part of the country still qualify as Catholics and only 6% of them still attend Sunday mass. More than three-quarters of the Flemish have lost faith in the Church as an institution.

Monsignor Leonard said he was surprised by these results, according to his statements in the report. "It surprises me a little. When I called on April 23, that the victims find the courage to report to the Adriaenssens Committee , hundreds of people came forward to be finally heard. I find that a good result. " (Belga/7sur7)
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