Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Belgium needs a new Cardinal- will the Pope create one?

7s7 Belgique - Andre Leonard cardinal en novembre? (1154815)

Pope Benedict XVI could create a new cardinal in Belgium, in the person of Andre Leonard, according to reports from the Vaticanist of the Italian newspaper La Stampa echoed by Le Soir on Wednesday.

According to this information, the Pope is expected to announce on October 20 a consistory to be held in late November, to create new cardinals, which could include Andre Leonard.

In January 2011, the number of cardinal electors (those aged under 80 years and entitled to elect the Pope) will have dropped to 101 out of 120 vacancies, which would allow the Pope to appoint 19.

Some observers argue that it is unlikely that the Pope creates a new cardinal in an archbishopric which already has a cardinal elector (Archbishop Danneels). The Pope, however, could choose to depart from custom. (Belga)

Cathcon:  Given Danneels complete lack of judgement, one wonders why not strip him of voting rights.    At the last conclave, his judgement was also deeply suspect- his idea of who should be Pope was himself!
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