Horrific serial infanticide files found in home of Cardinal Danneels. He is to be questioned today.

The Dutroux file discovered in the residence of the Archbishop of Malines

Some confidential judicial documents of which certain belong to the Dutroux dossier were found at the end of June in the possession of the Archbishop of Malines according to the daily Het Laaste Niews. The interrogation of Msgr Danneels which takes place today could bring a response to this strange discovery.

On 24th June, judicial searches were undertaken of the Catholic Church in Belgium. Some tombs were examined- the police visited the home of Cardinal Danneels and hundreds of files, computers and DVDs were taken from the residence of the Archbishop of Malines. The investigators attempted to find the presumably hidden files about paedophilia. During these searches, the magistrate of Brussels made a strange discovery.

Some photos of the exhumation of Julie and Melissa

Up to 100 photos showing the exhumation of the bodies of the children, but also exchanges of reports between magistrates in the Dutroux affair and large parts of the judicial file were found. The fact is that these documents were only intended for the judicial authorities and, a priori, had nothing to do with the church, explained RTL journalist.

This is not the first leak of elements of the judicial record of Dutroux according to Solimando Antonio. He recalls that Cdrom of the Dutroux investigation was sent to several editors, some who had decided to publish it. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, the presence of those confidential files and reports to the archdiocese will once again support defenders of the theory of a paedophile network ... Even if, as a reminder, the court has ruled that it does not accept this theory.

Monsignor Danneels heard today

How and why certain confidential information of the Dutroux case were kept at the Archdiocese of Malines/ Mechelen? The Archbishop Danneels hearing scheduled this morning, will provide an answer. Monsignor Danneels is on the grill, like the judge ordered the searches of the Church: since yesterday, Wim de Troy is being closely monitored. After using methods described as muscular, he is now under supervision of his superiors and may be withdrawn from the case.

Translation from RTL

More soon.

Six years ago the Cardinal successfully obtained an injunction against a Brussels- based newspaper to stop publication of details of his alleged involvement in the Dutroux affair. The article gave details of an alleged attempt to blackmail the Cardinal by sending a videocassette to the Vatican. It is possible that this file relates to his defence against baseless charges.

One of the few cases to have been brought to court relates to the Cure of Kinkempois, a parish priest of a town 6 km from where two of the children of the Dutroux case were abducted.

Cardinal Danneels has already been fined in another case for cover up but this was overturned on appeal.

So the big question this week- will Cardinal Danneels be arrested?

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