Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Belgian bishops furious


Source De Morgen

The Episcopal Conference of Belgium have said that the high-profile documents that were found in the Archbishop's house in Mechelen were delivered "by a third party well known to the media and the Archdiocese."According to VRT news, the Dutroux documents were sent to Archbishop Andre Leonard.

The Bishops' Conference finds it outrageous that someone from the prosecutor's has leaked information from the investigation into sexual abuse in the church.They argue that disturbs the serenity of the investigation.

Yesterday it was reported that during the search of the diocese documents were found relating to the Dutroux case. According to Het Laatste Nieuws several pictures of the autopsy were found.

The Bishops Conference responded to a report in the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws yesterday. According to the newspaper were among a hundred or more photos from the Dutroux investigation were found. The lawyer for the archdiocese, Fernand Keuleneer, wrote a letter yesterday morning demanding justice.

"It would be outrageous for anyone to deliberately give to the media sensational-looking information covered by professional secrecy," it sounds. "This in no way contributes to the serenity of the investigation." The lawyer is considering further action if it appears that secrecy was violated by the leak of information.

The bishops also stress that they were documents from a third person "who is known to the media and the archdiocese." "Also today it was confirmed that the court documents were given also to journalists, politicians and other persons in the country."

Cathcon-  The third person they are referring to is most probably Albert Mahieu, the sole representative at the time of the the VIVANT party in the Brussels Regional Assembly.
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