Monday, February 01, 2010

Protestant leader: No kamikaze actions against the Barque of Peter, at least for the time being


The Secretary General of the German Lutheran Church, Ellen Ueberschär, has spoken out against a shared communion at the Second Ecumenical Church Day (ÖKT). She is not in favour of "Kamikaze actions in anticipation of inter-communion, which in the end lead to nothing," said Ueberschär on Saturday in Hamburg. Nevertheless, Catholics and Protestants put "their fingers in the wound", in the hope that sharing the Eucharistic Meal can be fulfilled at the Third Ecumenical Church Day. Ueberschar said, "these things do not belong" to the core of the faith that we share together ". She regrets that no progress has been made on the issue of shared communion, especially in view of inter-faith families. General Secretary of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Stefan Vesper warned about making a Third Ecumenical Church Day conditional on agreeing about shared communion. He wanted, of course, shared communion, said the theologian. One needs first progress in the Church's teachings. But then "it will come in very surprising manner, and indeed worldwide." The Hamburg Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke emphasized that a non-Catholic Christian, who"believed" would receive Holy Communion and would not be rejected. But as in the Eucharist the "All Holy" according to Catholic doctrine is made visible, there could be no agreement about shared communion without theological unity. From Vatican Radio.

They ordered aeroplanes but nothing to fear from tricycles.

Dr Ellen Ueberschär in the pilot's seat

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