Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Nightmare of Modernity in the Diocese of Linz


Will provide an English commentary later on in the week.

If you seek a memorial to the work of the Second Vatican Council, look at the video.

No need to seek a rationale for what happened- with the passage of time, the authority of the Council will be put in its proper place and all the other Councils of the Church will be given their proper authority again.


Rich said...

It makes the ugly churches in America look good.

No one will be making pilgrimages to this slop.

a közösség tagjai: said...

I like these architecture very much. In Hungary, the country I live in, almost 80% of the churches are barock, and the image of God you can see in these churches no sane person can believe in. I think, modern ecclesial architecture can be terrible, but it also can be very nice, helping the mind and spirit towards God. I think the atmosphere of these churches in this short film is very uplifting.