Friday, September 18, 2009

What game is Vienna's Cardinal playing?


The suspicion is confirmed that Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna is working for the goal that Catholic groups - not only those involved in the protection of life – should be silenced at the crucial moment.

On Thursday 3 September, the video web site '' reported of intrigues against pro-lifers by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

It is all about a large demonstration against the scandal of honoring a notorious child- slaughterhouse by the Socialist mayor of Vienna. This took place on the same day.

According to '' a secretary of the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn complained in advance to the organizers of the rally:

"There was even the threat given their involvement in the demonstration to remove financial donations " - says '' in its news program.

Denial denied
On Thursday afternoon '' published a denial from the archbishop's secretary:

"The Archdiocese of Vienna was not plotting against pro-lifers who say the matter seriously.. In a conversation between a secretary to the archbishop of Vienna and a co-organizer of the demonstration there were no threats "- says the read out statement.

But on the same day the denial was overtaken by the reality. On Thursday evening, the Bishop of Salzburg, Msgr. Andreas Laun, made known that Cardinal Schönborn had forbidden him on the telephone to participate in the pro- life demonstration.

The bishop provided at the same time the evidence confirming that Cardinal Schönborn has intrigued against the demonstration.

Even more intrigue
On Friday - the day after the demonstration - '' published in a special report further concerning background.

The website reported that a secretary of the archbishop and the spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Vienna had tried the day before to put pressure on a Vienna-based worker for the video site.

The archbishop's secretary contacted by telephone and claimed that the rally by the pro-lifers outside the town hall could hurt a planned meeting between the Cardinal and the mayor of Vienna.

The secretary also said that a group participating in the demonstration was not threatened with financial implications, however, but it was pointed to the organization that they were financially supported by the Cardinal of Vienna for many years.

Threats of the Cardinal’s spokesperson
The spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Vienna made contact by telephone, according to the special report by ''. He described the broadcast dated Thursday, as "lies" and tried to intimidate the video website by threatening with a lawyer.

Further according to the report the press spokesman in the telephone call was explicitly against the demonstrations in front of Vienna City Hall.

The video portal '' was not persuaded by denial of the Cardinal which played with words: In the special broadcast was stated:

"Does the phrase" The archdiocese does not intrigue against pro-lifers who are serious about the matter, "that the archdiocese intrigued against pro-lifers that do not take this matter seriously?

“ If yes: What is the opinion of the Archdiocese about these pro-lifers, and why? "

The video portal also commented that the archbishop's spokesman referring to the economic benefits of the Cardinal did not want it to be understood as a threat:

"But as anything else, how should such a statement in the given context to be regarded?

What happened on Thursday in Vienna and in the archdiocese of Vienna, leaves open many questions. “ Too many. "

More bullying of the Archdiocese of Vienna?
In a readers commentary on '' 'Socrates' tells readers about further intrigues of the archdiocese.

He explains that even the neo-conservative religious order of the Vienna Calasantine Fathers amd the Cathedral Curate Francis Schlegl had announced in advance their presence at the demonstration.

But then neither of them appeared: "Why?" - Asks 'Socrates'.

The chaplais of the Catholic University of Vienna, Father Joseph Claveria from Communion and Liberation has in a circular very cautiously written against the demo (certainly he was sharper in private conversation) "- says' Socrates' and quotes from the letter:

"The rally announced in front of City Hall for Thursday, 3 September, seems to us to be clearly not friendly.

What we hold as the supreme principle as Christians – which applies to all initiatives –is whether we can meet other people and live with them a common search and give them, if possible, give what is our precious treasure: Christ himself

When we see a chance to do something like that, then we are there. When we don’t see this interest so clearly, then we have concerns. "

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