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Sexuality: relationship rather than performance
Men between pleasure and frustration
Wolfgang Sonnleitner
Rudolf Roithmair work in the Bily Advice Centre (whose promotional material appears above)
Men's sexuality is often regarded as an elite sport. Performance counts, not fun or tenderness.

This image is strongly conveyed in the media. An entire industry, pornography, represents an image of male sexuality, in which men get involved and then are diminished as these men with hard steel battens, who seemingly have sex half the night are ideals that most men cannot achieve.

At the same time, the message is that women like it, which naturally can lead to stress if one does not have this character and staying power.

Training exercises for sexual stamina are easier to accept than one’s own feelings, which I direct towards the partner. "The main thing is that I make sure whenever that my partner is sexually satisfied", which emphasises self-worth, and everyone is happy?

Is this everything?
What remains of male status in the circumstances? Is my being a man fulfilled if I satisfy my partner sexually and am the fulfilment of their dreams?

We carry our male genitals visibly through life so that it is difficult not to pay attention to them. The male self means for many a fixation on their penis calling it "Willy" or "John", it taking on not infrequently a life of its own.

If the cock sags, one also collapses. Sometimes the self of the man is coupled with the stiffness of his organ. That "he" refuses to cooperate, is his right, one might think, given this great responsibility.

Aggression is part of sexuality
In times of changing values, it is understandably difficult for a man to redefine his role. A "soft" attitude is a denial of his own aggressive impulses, his own desires and needs. Penetration is essentially an aggressive act. Aggression is part of sexuality. Brutality is not meant by this, but grabbing , making it, thrusting, doing it at their own impulses. Doing something against the will of the partner is obviously not meant.

It is striking that there are more and more impotent men when even a few years ago this was clearly a female domain. We are emancipated, or is this a phenomenon of the spirit of the age?

In any case one can positively assess, that they do need to like it, but that they once in a while may have no desire.

Speaking of visions:
How should they seek to satisfy / and who to satisfy? / male sexuality gives peace? Is this because of soft sex with a hard cock?
We start from heterosexual relations, without wanting to devalue homosexual relations. Much also applies to homosexual relationships, the formulations are developed from heterosexual relationships. Internet addresses

Excellent Web Site by Pro Familia Germany - very comprehensive and sensitively designed Info-material, literature lists. Also offers anonymous online counselling!
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Big questions
Is there a difference between affection and sex?
How and with whom was your last sexual experience?
What sexual desires and needs do you have?

Book Tips
Wiedemann, Hans Georg: Homosexual; Kreuz Verlag, Stuttgart 1995
Riederle, Josef: If the desire awakes: Teaching boys to work with sexuality and self-satisfaction; Kiel 1995
Schnack Dieter / Neutzling Rainer: The princely role – all about male sexuality, Reinbeck bei Hammburg 1995
Gerti Senger / Walter Hoffmann; The sexual power of man, Deuticke
Bernhard Ludwig: guide to sexual dissatisfaction. Double CD. ORF: E & A Records, 1998
Cathcon note: Hosi Linz supports homosexual partnerships. A few years ago, the Diocese attempted to give them a prize for their human rights work- withdrawn in the face of massive protests.

The "Excellent Web Site by Pro Familia Germany" will be passed over in silence as its content is so objectionable.

The authors themselves give advice on contraception, the pill and the morning after pill.
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Surely, this can have no part of the catechesis recommended by the Pope when Bishop Schwarz visited Rome recently for crisis talks.

Apostolic visitation now! If the Bishop cannot control his Diocese he should go.

But not too surprising from a Diocese that tells you how much an abortion costs and issues CDs contradicting Catholic moral teaching.