Saturday, June 20, 2009

Comedy Showtime in the Diocese of Linz

Reactions – Linzer Komödiantenstadl

The Conciliar Church in the scandal Diocese of Linz is more and more a sad collection of comedic figures which serve to amuse the populace. Yesterday, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz came up with a sensational announcement.

The collar and tie wearing Linz priest and breaker of celibacy vows, Revd Josef Friedl (65), had decided to abandon his dissolute life and take his priestly obligations seriously again.

The controversial priest had even before the recent trip of some Austrian bishops to the Vatican signed a written declaration. This was also shown to the Pope.

On the same day, Revd Friedl denied the version of the Bishop of Linz on the anticlerical 'Austrian Broadcasting Service’.

Bishop Schwarz fell from every cloud. To the news agency 'kathpress', he displayed amazement that Father Friedl,knew nothing of his return to priestly life.

This is contrary to the results of the personal meeting between himself and the celibacy breaker - asserted Mons. Schwarz. He promised to clarify the situation as quickly as possible.

The public taken for stupid

A few minutes after publishing the release of the Bishop of Linz, the paleo-liberal spokesman of the Diocese of Linz, Ferdinand Kaineder, on Friday evening,issued a further "statement".

It should be seen as a "misunderstanding" - Kaineder declared.

Fr Friedl spent the last two weeks spent in the Holy Land. Upon his return, he immediately held a funeral (Cathcon- whose ? - the Diocese ?).

Bishop Schwarz and Hw. Friedl could no longer speak about the results of recent meetings with the Pope.

"Hence, Fr Friedl in very short phone discussions responded each time with: 'I know nothing' or 'I know nothing about a letter (from Rome) '."

The cleric had so far received no news, that the statement which he delivered to his bishop had been considered and taken seriously in Rome.

However, 'Austrian Broadcasting Corporation' wrote on Friday before the opinions of the priest were known, that it "had the impression" that he did not wish to part from his concubine of 25 years standing.

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