Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bishop of Linz is so worried that he promotes tree huggers

He has just issued a press release supporting sustainable business and a change in lifestyle to combat global warming and inviting his diocese to a Global Church Specialist Seminar in the Benedictine Monastery of Lambach (where incidentally one Adolf Hitler was a server).

One of the speakers Dr Vandana Shiva is an eco-feminist which is another name for

Among the sponsors of the seminar is something called KOO the Coordination Office of the Austrian Bishops Conference for Development and Mission/ Just Improvement in Climate Campaign (what a mouthful but that is their title!).

The seminar has a whole list of questions to be answered. The best of them- are you yourself in a crisis?

Really what a diocese!

They talk about justice when it comes to climate change and did no justice to Father Wagner. They promote tree huggers instead of the veneration of the Cross of Christ, our and their only hope. They want to develop the rest of the world when the Diocese is falling apart in front of their noses. This diocese without new leadership is not a sustainable business and the bishop long overdue for a change in lifestyle. They could certainly do with chopping down a few less trees for the overblown bureaucracy needed to serve the pseudo-clericalised lay elite of the Diocese.

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