Monday, March 09, 2009

Diocese of Linz tells you how much an abortion costs and where to obtain one

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In 2006, the Diocese of Linz sent out a CD to Catholic youth.

The CD includes twelve short videos and articles on various topics.
Faith: "Everyone should believe something ... the spirit in nature or aliens ... in esotericism or faith ... everyone seeks their own way and means ..."
Sunday: "... a shared free day ..." - no indication of attending Mass.
Sexuality: Support for, not without contraception " goinh to bed ... tell you all about what there is (the pill, condoms, patches, diaphragm ...)".
Disfigurement and destruction of the Christian family image by spreading half-truths, such as on the issue of homosexuality.
Internet Links (forwarding / Recommendation):
"First Love Emergency in the Linz General Hospital " (pro-abortion website).
HOSI-Linz (homosexual lobby - group), with further relevant links.
With three clicks of the youth can learn the price of an abortion in Austria.

The Bishop claimed not to know. But did nothing, least of all sending out a letter correcting the direct assault on Catholic Faith and morals.
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