Sunday, March 08, 2009

Austrian Bishop attacks Father Wagner's appointment

Bischof Kapellari findet klare Worte zum Ende der Krise- Kleine Zeitung

Bishop Kapellari finds clear words for the end of the crisis
Bishop Egon Kapellari has unusually sharply criticised the appointment of Father Wagner as Bishop to the Pastoral Council of the Diocese of Styrer.

Critics accuse the Catholic Church of only talking down their internal problems. Wrongly, as at least the third plenary session of the Diocesan Council in the Mariatrost Formation Institute showed. Open Bishop Egon Kapellari spoke about that problem in ecclesiastical politics which most severely hurt the delegates: the events surrounding the appointment of parish priest Gerhard Wagner as Auxiliary Bishop in Linz.

Long shadows. The shadow of this incident will be long Kapellari supposed, who undoubtedly was critical: "Wagner has given answers which were traumatic for the public." Conclusion: One could no longer talk about homosexuality and also about the question of a punitive God.

Critics. The appointment of Wagner had brought many critics into action, who had demanded that Episcopal appointments be transparent and even democratic. "We do not want the grass-root movements to create lists with which the Vatican can be put under pressure," Kapellari defends the current method against changes, because: "The system of appointments has produced, in recent years, surprisingly few cases of conflict."

"Pastoral Letter." The Bishops have sought that no further cases occur with their "Pastoral Letter" in which they call upon Rome to observe the rules of the Episcopal appointments. Thereby "much strength and time" could be conserved, because: "Especially in a time of social instability, it is important that the Church is stable so as to better assist you," concluded Kapellari.

Our Lord traumatises the public of his own day.

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