Thursday, February 12, 2009

SSPX seeks dialogue but do the German bishops?

Piusbruderschaft sucht den Dialog

The SSPX seeks dialogue with the German bishops on theological questions. This was announced by the German district of the SSPX in a press release this Thursday. The theme of these talks should not only be the contentious issues around the council, but also criticism of the post-conciliar development. The central point said Father Franz Schmidberger, the District Superior of the Fraternity of the SSPX. for Germany was the self-understanding of the Catholic Church. "Should she still be understood as the only Church founded by Christ who possesses the fullness of revelation?" asks Schmidberger. The Catholic Church must also preach unpopular truths, such as the question of what people should expect after death and whether Christ is the Saviour of all people . Such questions are controversial among Catholics today. This showed the fruits of the "diluted preaching in the last thirty years." Schmidberger said, one should be basically ready, " to discuss matters with everybody." Thus, the German bishops should identify one or two theologians to discuss with us about the points which we perceive as problematic. "

Lets hope the German bishops don't show the same double standards as others have been showing in this case.
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