Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SSPX schools face cut in government funding

SPD will Pius-Brüder überprüfen

The debate about anti-Semitic tendencies in the archconservative SSPX has now also reached the Saarland. The SPD and the Left Party question the government funds for two schools of the SSPX.

Saarbrücken. SPD and the Left Party demand, in the context of the debate on the anti-Semitic tendencies in the archconservative SSPX consequences for the operation of their two schools in the region. Representatives from both parties require the private schools to be checked - with the aim of cutting funds to the schools with an ethos of encouraging fundamentalism. Currently, two of the SSPX schools in Saarbrücken Fechingen, the Advanced School (ERS) of Sacred Heart and the Primary School of St. Arnual receive grants of a total of 420000 euros per year.

The SPD-education expert Reiner Braun told the SZ that in the SSPX "the tolerance of other religions is rather underdeveloped." He added: "The group who wants to cancel funding is well developed." The Left Party MP, Barbara Spaniol expressed similar views and called for the teaching and learning of the schools to be checked.

The latter was also suggested by the Greens. The CDU MP Gisela Rink said, however, to the SZ, "from the current situation, there is not necessarily sufficient reason for the school authorities to intervene. FDP leader Christoph Hartmann said that unless it is clear that the operator of the school has "undermined the fundamental legal order, the presumption of innocence applies."

The SSPX operated Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Saarbrücken did not want yesterday to contribute to the debate. School secretary Ursula Schmitt told the SZ, that she had a “command from the top” not to comment to the press, because they had the experience of not being properly quoted.

The Regensburger Catholic theology professor Wolfgang Beinert classifies the SSPX as "reactionary and anti-democratic".

Pope Benedict XVI has recently issued a decree withdrawing the 1988 excommunication against the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson and three other bishops of the SSPX.
Since 1988, it has also been about the relationship between Catholicism and Judaism. The SSPX did not want to acknowledge that the Second Vatican Council moved away from the old tradition that the Jews were responsible for the death of Christ.

No state money for a sect
From SZ-editor Dietmar Klostermann
It is eerie: For at least 20 years, Bishop Williamson propagated his Holocaust denial but until January he was a highly respected trainer of members of the SSPX. Also other fathers of this fundamentalist Catholic sect disseminate views that are hardly compatible with the Constitution : they don’t greatly believe in freedom of expression and the death penalty is called an "atonement". Therefore, the Saarland politics must recognise these colours: The support of such beliefs with the donation of 420000 euros annually for the two SSPX schools in Fechingen brothers must be stopped.
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