Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SSPX excommunicate themselves again for non-acceptance of Vatican II

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For non-acceptance of Vatican II- but only if they put it in writing to the Pope!

The four illegally consecrated bishops of the lefebvrist "Priest Fraternity of St. Pius X." (SSPX) are the in the words of the Cologne canon lawyer Fr Günter Assenmacher automatically excommunicated, as long as they do not recognise the Second Vatican Council. The same is true for all SSPX priests, he said on Tuesday evening in Cologne: "If they in their thinking do not want to recognise the totality of the Conciliar decisions, they are schismatic and thus subject to the licitly established excommunication."

The official statement of this excommunication can only be effected if the SSPX tell the Pope in writing of their rejection of Vatican II, Assenmacher said. Whether the Pope would respond according to church law, he knew not, and it would also be better not to depend "on the current mood". Each participant in an SSPX Mass should know "that this will be celebrated by priests who do this illicitly and in tension with the Catholic Church."

Assenmacher also criticized the SSPX that they should have responded to the willingness of the Pope more than they have done so far. The canon lawyer who directs the Church Court in the Archdiocese of Cologne, said this during a panel discussion in the Cologne Cathedral forum on "No return to before the Council - The Catholic church, the traditionalists and tinter-religious dialogue".

Give Williamson time

In a further discussion - the ZDF talk show "Johannes B. Kerner" – the spokesman of the SSPX , Matthias Gaudron said the council had harmed the church, and since the Council the church has gone downhill. The SSPX see the main problem as the Church herself. "We are for tolerance, but not for formlessness," said Gaudron.

Gaudron said Richard Williamson’s statements on the Holocaust were "stupid and foolish." The bishop had until the end of February to reconsider his position. Then he would have other consequences to consider.

On the question as to whether the SSPX had not distanced themselves enough from Williamson Gaudron replied: "The traditional church is always accused of having the attitude: If one of you are not fit, throw him out immediately. And now you accuse us of exactly the opposite that we gave him a little time and did not immediately expel him".
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