Thursday, February 19, 2009

Excessive anti-Catholicism in Germany criticised by Cardinal Kasper


Vatican: "Ecumenism is a duty for Catholics"
The return of the SSPX into the Catholic Church has nurtured in the Protestant church have worries about ecumenism, said the president of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Bishop Wolfgang Huber. The Vatican is still holding firmly to the ecumenical course, assured the ecumenical head in the Curia, Cardinal Walter Kasper, in an exclusive interview with Vatican Radio.

"The position of the Catholic Church on ecumenism since the Second Vatican Council has been entirely clear. For us, ecumenism is not an option but an obligation, which is well founded in the message of Jesus is well founded. This also can be said for the Pope. Exactly on the same weekend that the decree on the removal of the excommunication of the four bishops of the Fraternity of St. Pius X. has been announced, the Pope said in a homily at St. Paul Outside the Walls to conclude the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity explicitly that Christians are very clearly committed to the ecumenical movement. I know of no other church leader, that so often, so strongly and so clearly speaks about the Church and is committed to ecumenism. To maintain that the Pope believes the contrary is unfair and is beside the point. "

The numerous discussions - especially in Germany - had recently been very aggressive and influenced by anti-Roman feeling, Cardinal Kasper continued. But behind the Vatican walls not much was operating optimally.

"One will admit and must admit: In the beginning omissions and errors in communication were made. It is indisputable and clear. But the discussion, as it is now taking place in Germany, has departed from all standards. What has comes to light is, not only criticism of this or that behaviour in the Curia, but simply an anti-Roman feeling and partly just pure hatred of the Church. It makes the Pope look ridiculous, based on the principle: We hit out at the farmyard sack but mean the donkey. If the Pope is in this way diminished and completely unjust diminished, it is directed not only against the Pope, it is also directed against the Catholic Church. I think Catholics have to arise now and should say: we won’t allow ourselves to be satisfied with this, it is intolerance. Let us imagine that one would speak about the Dalai Lama in this way- then the outrage would be huge. About the Pope, it is apparently possible. We cannot be subject to this and we should also clearly say that. "
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