Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Protestants should not delight in Catholic pain

RADIO VATIKAN Nachrichtenarchiv

Protestants should not respond to the recent controversy in the Roman Catholic Church with delight in the troubles of others. This view was put forth by the Württemberg Bishop Frank Otfried July. He reacted to public criticism of the decision by Pope Benedict XV to repeal the excommunication of the bishops of four traditionalist priests of the SSPX. He believes that the decision of the Pope is wrong and "in some ways anti-ecumenical." But the Protestant side should not hastily applaud the critics, he said at the July Meeting of the Protestant Gnadauer Community Association (Association of Regional ecclesiastical communities) in Schwäbisch Gmünd. It is, however painful, if in the public debate at the word "church" only internal conflicts come into mind. In view of withdrawals from the Catholic Church because the Pope’s decision, July said that the membership of the Protestant Church increasingly viewed as being just a club membership. If you do not like the service provision, you go to another club. Other regional ecclesiastical communities are now affected by such an attitude.
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