Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nuns degraded by German carnival

Reactions – kreuzmeldungen

A carnival wagon in Mainz wanted on the the day before Shrove Tuesday to show a nun in a nude scanner. Sister Ancilla Maria Ruf from the religious congregations department of the Diocese of Mainz protested. The presentation was "disrespectful and charector damaging." Sisters would be obscenely degraded. The competent Carnival Association announced, allegedly after the event. The naked nun – whose photo will now be disseminated on the Internet – will be covered over at the Carnival with the words "interference to vision".
Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz is an enthusiastic supporter of the Carnival, not least but not only, because they gave him a large cheque for the restoration of the Cathedral.  He dropped the cheque by accident live on television. 
A few years ago he appeared with the devil and dancing girls on stage during Carnival.  So no wonder he cannot defend the religious of his diocese.
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