Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joy about Wagner's resignation


Critics happy about Wagner’s resignation

Khol "the happiest man"

Zulehner praises Schönborn as the "troubleshooter" (who surely now can be ruled out as the next Pope)

For Hurka problems not yet solved –

The Linz Episcopal Vicar thinks matters are now more relaxed

Vienna - Church critics have shown themselves relieved by Gerhard Maria Wagner’s withdrawal from the office of the auxiliary Bishop of Linz. "I am the happiest man," said the Christian Democrat politician and founder of the Catholic Laity Initiative, Andreas Khol on Sunday evening in the ORF-discussion program "In the Centre". The pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner, however, said Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn should be respected for his role as a "troubleshooter". Hans Peter Hurka from the platform "We Are Church" said the problems in the local church in spite of this step has not yet been resolved.

"Still a lot to do"
Even the Episcopal Vicar of the Diocese of Linz, William Viehböck, now finds “a certain relaxation of the current situation". He pays tribute to Wagner "I have respect for such a decision" - "but there remains much to be done."

Cathcon- this will be one of the big lies- it was his own personal decision. He was clearly placed under inhuman pressure- pressure which the whole Church in Austria needs to be ashamed.

When asked whether he now personally feels a sense of relief, the Episcopal Vicar replied: "In some ways yes, I do not hide my feelings." FOn the persistent speculation that Wagner was never wanted by the Diocese Viehböck answered: "there is evidence that the name of Wagner was not one of the three on the original proposal."

Khol found "Joy" and "hope" in the step of Wagner. The local Catholic Church has now such a weight in Rome, "that it never previously had." Zulehner sees Wagner’s withdrawl as a success for Schönborn, who now has taken back power. The former President of the Parliament, Herbert Schambeck is suspected as a "wire-puller" behind such decisions of the Vatican. Nevertheless, he believes that the Pope thinks a mistake had been made.

"Mr. Wagner deserves the highest respect that he has taken this decision," said Hurka on the withdrawal of Wagner. Nevertheless, there remains an "enormous democracy problem" within the Catholic Church. There must be "substantial work in order that there will be finally a step will be taken towards the people."
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